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I’m Andrei, and my journey into the world of marketing began in 2013.

For half a decade, I honed my skills, managing substantial budgets across both French and international markets.

In 2019, driven by my innate curiosity and analytical prowess, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey.

This led to the birth of Tanu Agency, a place where I fix broken customer acquisition.

Since its inception, I’ve had the privilege of unlocking the growth potential for over 20 businesses.

Success wasn’t a matter of pure luck.

In fact, in 90% of the cases, I noticed one key variable that can make or break the customer acquisition strategy: data.

Whether it’s through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Organic, TikTok Ads, or other acquisition platform, data is key to perfect the most cost-effective channel mix.

Countless hours and millions in ad spend later, I’ve identified a few common challenges among businesses from various verticals:

  • Struggling to cover conversion costs consistently
  • Challenging to implement AI-era tailored ad campaigns
  • Confusion in setting up Google Analytics 4
  • Sudden breaking in Looker (Data) Studio dashboards
  • Indecision over how much to invest in ads
  • Difficulty in tracking conversions beyond the 7-day click window

Do you notice a pattern here?

Of course it’s data.

Nowadays, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into ad platforms has reached a stage where adopting a data-driven strategy is a necessity.

So, here’s my mission for 2024 and beyond:

Enhance paid ads campaigns through informed, data-backed decisions

Andrei Babus

Andrei Babus Founder & Technical Marketer

  • Technically inclined marketer
  • Emlyon Business School graduate
  • 10 years experience
  • Personal preference for Google Ads
  • FC Barcelona fan

Solutions To Optimize Your Marketing

Full Service PPC Management

I bring my 11 years of industry specific expertise to manage all your paid media strategies on platforms like Google Ads or Meta (Facebook) Ads

Learn more

Conversion tracking configuration

Get up to 30% more conversions on your ad platform just by optimizing your Conversion Tracking Setup

Learn more

Coming soon:

Analytics Templates

Never let luck drive your marketing efforts. Get one of my analytics templates to fast-track data-driven decisions.

How WE unlock your growth potential


Discovering what works, what doesn’t and what should be improved.

Conversion Tracking

We can get up to 30% more conversions just by implementing a more accurate conversion tracking setup

Campaigns for the AI-era

I’ll make sure that Ad platforms receive the right optimization signals

Actionable Insights

I will share custom-built analytics templates that transform your data into actionable insights in no-time

How I Increased the conversion matching to 90%+ for this ecommerce store

The truth is that Google Analytics and Shopify/WooCommerce don’t always get along.

This was also the case for ledwinkel-online.nl, an ecommerce website playing in a high competitive market.

The store was overcounting conversions in Google Analytics by over 2x the actual orders from Shopify. There was also a high discrepancy in the total revenue.

Google Analytics was capturing less than 75% of the actual order value.

Implement a hybrid approach to server side tagging

Use the Stape Server GTM App for Shoppify to enrich the data layer events

Follow the implementation for 3 months to see if data consistency is maintained

Read more

Thanks for your kind words 🤗

Kent Haverstock

Co-Founder & CEO @ Vontage Point

I had the pleasure of having Andrei as a member of my team as our Growth Marketing Manager. He brought an open-minded approach with a quick learning pace, and consistently embrace new ideas and readily adapt to evolving strategies and tech.

He consistently went go beyond his assigned responsibilities by providing assistance to the team in various areas, such as analytics and setting up new tools.

He would make a great addition to any team looking to grow and enhance their marketing activities.

Brian Han

VP of Growth @ Sorare

Andrei is an exceptional performance marketer, highly data-driven and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Andrei supported our acquisition strategies across a diverse range of channels, OKRs and products, and was incredibly adaptive and helpful in our experimentation execution.

The team and I would definitely work with Andrei again

Wouter Moekotte

CO-founder @ BioFutura

Andrei had greatly contributed to our E-commerce performance in France and I would highly recommend working with him!

Rens ter Weijde

CEO, Founder & Board Member – AI | Education

Andrei is a great guy to have in your team! When it comes to growth and the corresponding analytics, he knows his stuff and can easily communicate key insights in a concise and pleasant manner. Always engaged, always creative with solutions, definitely recommended!

Ruxandra Petre

Talent Acquisition Manager @ NXP

Highly recommend Andrei & Tanu Agency.
He improved and transformed our digital marketing approach for the Talent Acquisition campaigns.

Tanu Agency helped us get the most out of Facebook and LinkedIn Ads.

Communication is great and very happy to discuss the weekly performance through the comprehensive Data Studio reports Andrei was sharing with us.

Casper Zweerus

Owner of dutchready.com

Andrei is a great help for our marketing. He’s clear in explaining how things work, knowledgeable about how to get the most out of our Google Ads budget and a very friendly guy overall.

The dashboards he uses during our weekly overview meetings are clear, insightful and perfect to decide how to move forward.